Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Cradle is Almost Fixed

Jeff and I went out last night to Canadian Tire to get a few things he needed for his car and ended up getting all the stuff we need to fix and make the cradle safer. Safer you may ask why we would need to do that. Well this cradle is 27 or so years old and was built for me when I was a baby. The base screws had loosened and come out, so Jeff got bigger, longer screws to fix that, plus he used wood glue to tighten up the hold. We also are going to have a pin and slot so I can stop the cradle from rocking altogether and chain attached to the middle and either side so that when it rocks it can only rock so far, instead of all the way around now. I'm so happy that one more thing is on it's way.

Plus my baby shower has finally been set for February 8, I don't have anymore details yet, but at least its set.

Plus by tomorrow night I should have our travel system, so that my mom doesn't have to rush out first thing Saturday morning to get it. Then she can go when ever to get her money back on Saturday during the day.

Well that's all for now.


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