Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The baby has dropped!!

Ok, so I am almost 100% sure that after I took that picture yesterday and I went to lay down that the baby dropped in to go position because I woke up with this incredible pressure in my pelvic area that just won't go away and I seem to be able to breath more deeply. Also when I checked to see where the babies head was its way down by my pelvic bone and not up 2 or 3 inches where I usually feel it. I'm excited on one hand because that means that the baby is getting ready to come and not so happy on another hand because I thought my back and sciatic nerve hurt before, well I was wrong. It is way worse now, to the point where it doesn't matter what position I am in, I'm not really comfortable.

Oh well, one more night shift to go hopefully!!


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Kristin said...

Well, the only way to tell 100% is to take another identical picture and compare!!!!