Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can't get wanting a baby out of my head!!

So Jeff and I have been talking about babies and when we want to start TTC. Currently his position at work is contract and the contract ends next April, so we want to make sure he is full time before we go ahead. Jeff also wants to go on at least two more vacations before we start TTC. One of those vacations will likely be our one year anniversary trip in Oct/Nov of this year and the other in April of next year with our friends who are getting married this September. But how do I make the wanting stop. It makes me totally crazy and I have not been very careful with our fertility charting because of how crazy it is making me.

So my questions is what do I do in the mean time to make this incessant wanting stop?? If it doesn't I'm either going to end up pregnant early or go completely mental and have to be admitted to a psych ward.

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