Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our move to the townhouse

So I realize that we moved a week ago and I am just blogging about it, but hey better late than never.

This move went much smoother than the move to our apartment. This were more organized and we had a bigger truck and got everything moved over in one shot. I have completely unpacked the kitchen, both bathrooms and parts of our master bedroom. The computer desk and computer are set up in the computer room and the rest is still in box's. The spareroom which is housing my sister furniture until she goes back to university in the fall is not unpacked at all, but my mom is coming to help me with that this week. So my tasks for tomorrow are to unpack and put away all the stuff for the china cabinent, unpack my clothes and stuff in the bedroom and organize all of our movies, CD's and DVD's and well as organizing the three storage cupboards in the basement.

I also have to going to the gym for my trainer appointment and possibly go to the Young Adults group at the church with Jeff.

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