Friday, February 13, 2009


So yesterday Jeff and I set up the crib brought the change table in to the room. Jeff also finally drilled the whole for the peg to go in for out cradle. Once we had that all done I started to organize the room and move furniture where it belongs. The border is going to have to wait to be put up as you are not suppose to put border on freshly painted walls as it will peel. So we have to wait a month, but I'm ok with that I just want to get the room ready for the baby to come. So the babies bag is packed. All the baby laundry is washed and almost put away. I have most of my stuff put together to take to the hospital, but not all of it. I was feeling pretty good going to bed last night. I had lost what I thought was my mucous plug and the room was starting to come together.

At about midnight I woke up with "cramps" I thought I just needed to go number 2. I tried and couldn't so I went back to bed. I did the same dance back and forth with the "cramps" almost every hour until 5 am. I went at 5 am and when I wiped there was tons of blood. I freaked out big time because I didn't know why there was so much blood. I paged my midwife and then called my mom to ask her. She said it sounded like I was in labour. My midwife called me back and I told her what was happening and about the blood. She said that it was my bloody show and that I could be in labour now or I just be having warm up labour. So I have been timing my contractions since about 6:20 am, its now 7:10 am and they have pretty much been 1 minute long and 5 mins apart. So we will see if this is the real thing. I know I said I was ready, but I wanted to get the last few things today and finish setting up the room!!


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Crystal said...

Exciting!!! Good luck!!