Sunday, February 1, 2009

Exhaustion is truly not fun!!

Well even though I had a great time yesterday going to the GTA GTG, having our maternity photos done and visiting with our friends. I am totally wiped today and am spending the day on the couch.

On Friday morning I check my urine because it had tested positive at my midwife appointment and I had a large amount of glucose in my urine. So my midwife wants me to repeat my 3 hour glucose test on Monday. So yet again I get to spend 3 hours at the lab and drink the horrible orange stuff on an empty stomach. I'm so excited... NOT!!

The only up to tomorrow is that we are likely getting the crib from Jeffs aunt and uncle, which will be exciting and I can't wait for that. Maybe it will make the morning more bearable and pass faster.

Here is my week 36 bump picture, you can totally tell that I have dropped in this picture because I have a lot my room between my belly and my chest.


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