Friday, October 1, 2010

House Hunting

Well since we will be moving sometime next spring Jeff and I have been busy trying to decide what we want in our next house. I think we have both decided that if we can we are going to make this our last move for a long long time.

I think we have also both decided that we want to buy new or buy and build.

We have been looking at Reid Heritage Homes up in Port Elgin and once I started looking at floor plans I feel in love with a house.

Its called the Kimberly III

Its the perfect size with 4 bedrooms up stairs, so we can have more children and still have space for visitors. The master bedroom has two walk in closets (so that Jeff can actually have a closet) and a wonderful luxury ensuite (I have decided that this is a must in our next house). The main floor is open concept in the great room, breakfast area and kitchen. Plus there is a dining room and an area for a formal living room, both things we do not have right now. I love that the laundry is on the main floor right by the garage entrance, that will come in handy with messy little people.

We still have to wait to see if we can qualify for a mortgage large enough for this house and if we can actually afford the mortgage payments on the house, so for now I will dream…

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