Friday, August 27, 2010

Trying not to compare

Catherine is very smart and she understands a lot of what I say. She babbles like there’s no tomorrow and has some words that she uses all the time. She also has a few signs (sign language).

That being said in total she has 10 words with signs included. I feel like I am failing to teach her how do speak and its hard when I see other children her ago or younger talking up a storm to not compare her.

I spoke with her doctor at her 18 month appointment and she agreed that I should get her in to the early words program before she gets any further behind.

So Monday morning I will be called to get her started. I hope that the combination of the early words program, starting preschool and starting gymnastics will help her start speaking more real words.

I’m hoping to that I am worrying  for nothing and that because she is so advanced with her motor skills (she can walk, run, jump, walk and run on her tippy toes, kick a ball and climb almost anything), she just hasn’t had time to work on talking.

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