Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We have a rice cereal earter on our hands!!

So last night because I was bored, I decided to try feeding Catherine rice cereal. As you can see from her 4 months photo's, the last try did not go over so well. I tried 3 nights in a row then and they all were fails. Twice was in her highchair, which
she kept sliding to one side in and once was in her Bumbo chair. So last night I decided to try mixing the rice cereal a different way and I tried feeding her in her bouncy chair as I had heard from a few people that that might work. Well it was a huge success!! She ate every last drop of the cereal and was even alternating between sucking her thumb and eating towards then end. I'm excited on one hand and sad on another, my little girl isn't so little anymore she eats real food now and not just breast milk :(

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