Monday, February 7, 2011

Potty Training Update

Well, we were doing so well and then we had a huge regression, which I has since learned is quite normal, but very frustrating.

We had gone almost 2 weeks with a dry bed at nap and bed time and and accident here and there during the day when she was distracted. I was calling it a potty training success.

For about a week we were having multiple accidents a day, wet at nap and bed time and she started pooping in her underwear or cotton pull up.

She is still pooping in her underwear or cotton pull up, but the day time accidents seems to be diminishing. We have been dry two days in a row for nap time, but she is still wet in the morning after sleeping.

I am trying to stay positive and focused because I know that she can do this. I have started implementing a few new tricks to help keep her dry. We started using a timer set to go off every 30 to 45 minutes that means its ‘potty time’ at the suggestion of a mom from my message board and it is really helping to keep her dryer. Also, we are trying to ignore her accident other then to say yucky and move on, which I hope helps.

The nap/bedtime peeing and pooping in her pants is really frustrating me because I know she can hold it because she was and I know she can poop in the potty because she had been.

Were just going to keep at it and hope that staying positive and focused wins out. Why does my child have to be as stubborn as me?

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