Sunday, July 4, 2010

Having a cold at the cottage in July sucks!

Well I guess working nights and not sleeping really caught up with me. We headed up to the cottage yesterday morning and I started to get a really stuffed up nose. I blew my nose all day and by bedtime I was beyond congested. I slept like crap because I couldn’t breath. First thing when we were up fed and dressed Catherine, Jeff and I headed to the drug store for meds. Although I still feel like I have a cold I can breath through my nose again and the sinus pressure is much better. I was also able to have two good naps, which were very much appreciated. While I was napping Jeff took Catherine in to the water and she actually seemed to enjoy herself. Hopefully we can get in the water again before we leave tomorrow, so I can enjoy it with her.

Will post some pictures later!

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